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Our mission is to provide best in class capital preservation and growth opportunities via superior asset management and ownership of competitive multi-family communities in emerging U.S. markets.

Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Services

If you’re looking for a specialist in multi-family investing in emerging real estate markets, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you have a multi-family property to sell, or you’re in the market to buy one, we may be able to help.

A Few Reasons to Work with Us:

We specialize in multi-family investments. Other investors may dabble in all kinds of real estate, and that’s fine. But if you’re looking to work with a specialist, then you might consider us. Our whole focus is on multi-family investing.

We’re upfront with you. We don’t play games and don’t string people along. If what you’re after isn’t something that we think we can deliver, we’ll promptly tell you so. But if we can in fact deliver, then we’ll do that promptly as well.

In our experience, every win/win transaction has started with a conversation. Sometimes things don’t work out and other times they do. Either way, we’re willing to have a friendly discussion to see if you and we can collaborate on the next win/win deal. Please feel free to contact us here.

Jon Flynt

Jon Flynt


After a long career in the default mortgage servicing space with a focus on single-family REO properties, Jon Flynt went out on his own in 2016 buying a franchise refinishing cabinets and hardwood floors (there was some crossover from his previous role in the REO industry).  While Jon is still involved with running his franchise, he has recently transitioned to multi-family real estate investing and is vigorously engaged in building his commercial portfolio and becoming a consistently successful syndicator.  Jon is easy to work with and brings his positive personality to all his endeavors and the new people he meets while forging new paths.